Sunday, September 17, 2017

Almost Finished with Mr. Kitty from Melissa Shirley

Got the edging on the tail stitched in

Mr. Kitty's face
I am having a hard time with Mr. Kitty's eyeballs.  I like the one on the left but can't seem to recreate the same one on the right.  Will keep trying.  I got his mouth in and need to redo the left ear.   Maybe today will be the day for a finish.   Happy Sunday stitching to you!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Melissa Shirley Halloween Kitty

Jumping around again.  I used one strand of floss and a sharp Chenille needle to create Mr. Kitty's whiskers.  I also changed Kitty's face stitch and on the third try I am happy.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Built a Townhouse on Labor Day

Remember this?  I was in the mood to work on it over the long weekend.  I had to dig her out of storage.  I took this canvas to Amy's last year.  Since I am about to go to Amy's again soon,  I thought I had better get busy!  The canvas is by Susan Roberts and is called Townhouse Row.  I love it. 

Here I had some trouble with the band.  The bottom band wasn't two canvas threads tall like the top.  After stitching it like painted I didn't like it.  I tore out the wall stitch enough to add the double band.  Tedious but I am happy with the balanced look.  The wall stitch is Cobblestone stitch done vertically. The street stitch is an extended version of the Willow stitch.  I am wondering if I made it too big.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Halloween Kitty has a Backside

I am so happy with the Kitty's backside.  I changed the size of the black stripes to over three threads and added the appropriate number of gray stripes.  I satin stitched the black stripe using Neon Rays.  I stitched the gray stripe using Skinny Van Dyke with two strands of floss.  It is so cute. 


I am not sure about Kitty's face.  It seem very thick and heavily textured compared to the rest of him.
Kitty's face is so so

Monday, August 14, 2017

More on the Halloween Kitty

On Sunday I finished the kitty's tail.  I used the criss-cross hungarian stitch.  I used four strands of black floss for the long stitches and three strands of gray floss for the cross stitches.   He's coming along.  

Close up

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Halloween Kitty by Melissa Shirley

I pulled out this Kitty on Friday night.  Reverse scotch is one of my favorite stitches so I was naturally drawn to this canvas.  I used four strands of cotton floss on all the 5x5 squares.  I started the criss-cross hungarian stitch for the tail.  I have to add an extra gray cross stitch every so often to make it work.  Pretty cute!

Halloween Kitty by Melissa Shirley

Friday, August 4, 2017

Farming at Martha and George's

I am making some progress on Martha and George.  I finished the dark olive hill in the Donohue stitch. 
Olive hill
I started on the right side of the hill in the Diane's Coat stitch.  I am using three strands of silk. 
Gold hill

I finished the beach in Cobblestone using four strands of cotton.

I finished Martha's very elegant skirt in the Brighton stitch.
Brighton stitch

I am still thinking about stitching over the whale as Tony suggested.  I might keep him up front.

To cover or not to cover...